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So, what makes video poker fun to play? Apart from the logic of the game and the odds being an appealing invitation, the visual appearance is also an important factor that contributes to the overall experience when playing the game. Graphic design is continuously reaching new heights and what seemed to be so amazing two years ago is nothing compared to what is being produced today. These artistic abilities are put to some good use in the gaming industry especially, with the ultimate objective being to make the virtual seem real. This has been accomplished in many of the games on the market today including video poker software.

When you search through the online directories, you'll find all kinds of video poker software; there are countless sites offering shockwave games small enough to run in your browser and download centres where you can get better, more advanced versions of the game. Usually, the free games that you can find online, with the exception of those offered at online casinos, are the cheap versions of what you could actually be playing; they normally have just the bare essentials needed to play the game. This is not to say that you can't find some good ones, but usually the free versions contain just the basic features such as the buttons to select your next move (deal, hold, and stand), a display of the hand you've been dealt, and a scorekeeper. If you go to a place like TuCows.com or Download.com, you'll find video poker software much more advanced than the games you might be used to. There are so many neat little features like 3D objects and animation to make it look more realistic.

The video poker software used by the online casino industries is even more advanced in that they incorporate a live dealer into the game. This is done using a webcam, which transmits the images of the dealer right to your screen. You can converse with the casino personnel via the chat feature, as can other players that are online at the same time as you. It's as close to reality as you can get - well, for now anyway…

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