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Among the many games that can be found on the internet, online video poker is one. Many gamblers have grown very fond of this game since it first came out and how could they not? The odds and some of the paybacks are better than those of any other casino game. There is one drawback when you find yourself in a casino and want to play video poker, and that is that there aren't very many machines on the floor with these great offers. If every machine were a guaranteed winner, the casino wouldn't make any profit; in fact, they would loose quite a chunk and obviously that's not the intention.

Anyway, the problem of finding the 'good' video poker machines isn't much of an issue online, especially when it's an online casino. In order to attract players, many of the online casinos will offer video poker games that have a relatively low house edge; however, because they are mixed in with ones that aren't so great it can be a challenge to find them. Also, many casinos offer free online video poker as part of their software to help players familiarize themselves with the games.

So, what advantage do you have when you play video poker online? Well, one, you're able to play any of the machines no matter who else is playing them and two, you can play as long as you like without feeling the pressure that someone else might want to use that particular machine. This is a greater benefit than you might think. Look at it this way: if you're at a casino and you wish to play your favourite game (video poker), do you wait for that one good machine to become available (and it could take all of eternity) or do you just move on and find another - higher house edge, but what the heck, right? Well, it doesn't matter if you're there for the fun and not the money, but how much fun is a game when you keep losing?

So, my advice for you is to play video poker online. No matter how you want to look at it, gambling always comes down to probability and if the probability of getting a better machine online is higher than that of finding one at Mirage for instance. Finding a good place where you can play the video poker online isn't that difficult and in your case, you have found it already. C'mon, give our games a try!

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