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Casino Video Poker
The first place that you could find a video poker machine before it made its way onto the net was the casino. Having a very similar appearance to that of slot machines and slots being probably the most popular casino game, video poker has quickly gained the attention of many gamblers. Today, casino video poker is appreciated more due to the low house edge and the excellent payouts, not to mention the possibility of actually coming out on top.

Among the many slot machines on the casino floor are those of video poker. Though often confused, they still retain their own individual characteristics. The outward appearance and the way they're built are very much the same, but what you see once you come closer is two completely different faces. Yes, each one has its own personality. While you have to pull the slot machine's arm to give you the result of your bet, you push all kinds of buttons to convey your choices to the mechanical mind of the video poker machine. Casino video poker and the online game don't differ that much, because of the fact that both use a video display. So, whether you see it on the face of the big steel case or on your monitor doesn't make much of a difference. The mechanics of the game are the same in both cases, with the exceptions that instead of clicking on a card to hold it on your monitor, you would push the corresponding button on the box.

If you look at what you can gain based on what you put in, however, casino video poker won't seem like the better choice between the two. There are only so many good machines on the casino floor, whereas online you can play whatever you want without any kind of limit. This eliminates much of the frustration that could arise were you not able to find an available machine with a good payout rate. So, if you have a chance of playing at an online casino, take it. Since the good machines are always available for you to play, there is more potential to win.

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